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Featured Artists #1: Tim Lewis

With Kinetica Art Fair opening in just over a month, it is now time to combine our countdown to this long awaited event with a more in-depth knowledge of the protagonists of our feature exhibition.

The first one is Tim Lewis, who we are now delighted to consider a true habitué of Kinetica, being a constant presence at our fair. For those of you who are newspaper aficionados no, he is not The Observer journalist!

If you share our passion for contemporary art, instead, you will certainly know that he is a high-profile British artist whose works have featured in significant shows like New Contemporaries at the ICA (1982-84), Now for the Future at the Hayward Gallery (1990) and more recently Art Machine – Machine Art at the Museum Tinguely in Basel (2008). Furthermore, his creations are part of several public collections; just to mention the most prominent: the Arts Council of Great Britain, British Airways and the British Council.

His most recent works plunge into a world of mechanical creatures, a dimension not dominated by the classic natural-artificial antonym, but by their absence. Within a realm where there is no such thing as something artificial, because humans are animals encapsulated in the natural, his creatures start an autonomous life in their own rights.

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Please stay tuned, more posts will follow!