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Featured Artists #2: Gregory Barsamian



Following my previous entry, it is now time to reveal another artist featured in Kinetica’s feature show: Gregory Barsamian.


Barsamian’s works are based upon the principle of the zoetrope (ancient Chinese-invented device which, through a swift succession of planar images, creates an illusionistic motion). His works aim to explore the quizzical issue of what true reality is, giving mankind’s simplified and filtered perception of things. To what extent our imagination can shift to the realm of truth and how our experience is utterly incoherent if seen from multiple viewpoints is the core of Barsamian’s poetic. His dark rooms with animated sculptures spinning against a synchronized strobe light are a paradigm of what our mind does and requests: it selects the facts to focus upon whilst trying to order them. However what he obtains from them, is amazingly the opposite: dream-like projections of our subconscious, a world which can be only accessed using sensations and emotions as key.


Barsamian is a New York-based artist and his solo shows have mainly taken place in the USA. Although he has had many group shows which have spanned from the USA to Europe, from Taiwan (A Sparkling City, Taipei County Arts, Taipei, 2000), to China (From Flash to Pixel, Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, 2006), landing recently to Tasmania (Inaugural, David Walsh's Museum of Old & New Art, Hobart, 2011). Furthermore, his creations are part of several museum collections such as the Birmingham Museum of Art (Birmingham, Alabama), San Jose Museum of Art (San Jose, California), the Tempozan Gendaikan Contemporary Museum (Osaka, Japan) and Kinetica Museum, just to mention a few.


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