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Featured Artists #3: Chris Levine

Author of what is considered one of the most iconic artistic images of the 21st century (Lightness of Being), a sort of ephemeral counterpart of a Warholian Marilyn, Levine is well known in the kinetic art world for being both an experimenter and ultimate pioneer in the field of light art.

Touching upon issues already highlighted in Barsamian’s art, Levine yearns for the unveiling of an experiential dimension where the onlooker can heighten his sensorial perception, often bombarded and numbed. As a result, the imagery becomes present,reachable, ethereal and concrete all at once. Levine’s fascination with light can be traced back to his younger years, where he was struck by the visual power of a laser beam in the school physics lab and engrossed with a holographic portrait of Dennis Gobor at the Science Museum. These experiences kick-started his fascination in(natural and artificial) light. The core of his poetic is the conception of light as an entity which can constitute the essence of people instead of being a pure phenomenon they can observe.

Based in Northamptonshire, he had a number of solo exhibitions in London; Stillness at the Speed of Light at the Vinyl Factory, 2010 and Lightness of Being at the Truman Brewery, to quote his most renowned shows. Lately he has been preparing for his forthcoming show at The Fine Art Society Contemporary, as well as Kinetica Art Fair, of course. Amongst the most remarkable group shows, we can list; Out Of Focus: Photography at the Saatchi Gallery (London, 2012) and The Queen Art and Image (National Museum, Belfast and Cardiff, National Portrait Gallery, London, National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh, 2011-2).

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