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Exhibitor #1: Baileybots

Kinetica Art Fair will be open in three weeks, and it is time to merge our highlights on the protagonists of our feature exhibition with insightful entries on our exhibitors.

In times when robotic self-production seems to be advancing rapidly into the reality of the everyday, the art of Marco Kruyt (aka Baileybots) stands out for its contribution to the robotic cause, projecting a futuristic dream into the everyday.

The artistic apparatuses he designs, in fact, are a product of automated metalworking machinery that he conducts himself. Though, strictly speaking, the artist’s intervention is still present, it becomes more and more alienated from the art object. Baileybots’ kinetic works reflect on the human dependence on technology, showing how this unavoidable symbiosis impacts both society and the environment.

Could the repercussions of the Industrial Revolution have infected the human and animal body as a virus? Where will the tensions between organic and mechanical eventually lead us?

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