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Exhibitor #2: Matthew Plummer-Fernandez

How many of us understand algorithms?
Engineers, mathematicians, scientists apart; for all the other mere mortals, let’s face it: they are too complicated and we won’t use them in daily life, let alone find them in a concrete form.

Goldsmiths researcher Matthew Plummer-Fernandez offers us a perspective by producing everyday objects distorted by algorithms (i.e. through a mathematical repositioning of their set of coordinates). Created with a customised open source platform, the digital objects are brought to life through the use of a 3D printer with colour resin. If, on the one hand, the digital realm is more and more used to accurately reproduce reality (what the Greeks called mīmēsis), on the other artists like Plummer-Fernandez are showing to what extent it could be also a tool to create new, parallel or distorted realities.

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