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Exhibitor #3: XiaoFei Dyson

For those of you who came to the 2012 Kinetica Art Fair, the aforementioned name will definitely sound familiar. For the newcomers, if it does not ring a bell, the following paragraphs may be of help.

Chinese artist XiaoFei Dyson produces challenges rather than artworks.
Ever felt sceptical about your ability to identify with concept artists? Dyson is sure to help you revise your opinions. Who didn’t love to take things apart as a child?

The main difference is that you have stopped since and he didn’t. Most importantly, you didn’t have a clue on how to fix the disassembled objects back and he did, prior to witnessing their effective functionality.

This process of dismantling and reassembling objects later triggered his artistic ethos, and, whilst investigating the influence that human inventions had on the development of Kinetic Art, he wants to attract his public into an interactive critical dialogue. Curiously stimulating, his sculptures aim to entertain adults and provoke questions to their kids.

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