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ArtSource is a progressive contemporary art consultancy, working with corporate and private clients to build collections and curate exhibitions.

ArtSource will be exhibiting artwork by Rob and Nick Carter and Daniel Chadwick who have collaborated on many projects since the setting up of ArtSource in 1997.

ArtSource presents Daniel Chadwick

Daniel Chadwick's work is an art of balance both literally and metaphorically. His principal works are mobiles made up of kinetic solar systems that revolve in complicated balance and whose numerous orbits glide gracefully in communicative accord with themselves. In some works the use of tiny solar-powered motors propels the perspex discs of the mobiles and gives a kinetic and visual emphasis, whilst ultraviolet light illuminates the struggle between two and three dimensionality.

ArtSource presents Rob and Nick Carter

Rob and Nick Carter's new light sculptures perform a captivating play between a word's meaning and its visual appearance, expressing their curiosity that 'language is abstract until you learn to read.' The artists present each colour of the spectrum as kinetic neon words set on white powder coated aluminium. The colour names are then repeated in the other spectrum colours. Initially derived from the 'Stroop effect' the psychological experiment which tests the effect of interference on reaction times, this transcription is highly engaging.