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FACT presents Bosch and Simons

FACT presents Bosch and Simons

Based in Liverpool, FACT [Foundation for Art and Creative Technology] is the UK's leading organisation for commissioning, exhibiting, promoting and supporting artists' work and innovation in the fields of film, video, and new media.

A world-class facility equipped with a cafe, bar and shop, FACT provides cutting edge exhibitions, films, events and educational programmes. Beyond Liverpool, FACT extends via:

MITES and Digital Mastering Service, national technical support and subsidized equipment resources for artists and exhibitors.

FACT TV, online gallery showcasing experimental cinema, artists talks and interviews. FACT TV can be utilised for collaborations and partner organisations.

In 2009, FACT explores the theme UNsustainable via key programmes:Climate for Change; Bernie Lubell Theory of Entanglement and Apichatpong Weerasethakul Primitive as well as launching Abandon Normal Devices (AND), a new Northwest annual festival (in partnership with folly and Cornerhouse).

Mike Stubbs, FACT Director and CEO says, 'If art fairs have traditionally shown easily commodifiable work, Kinetica is a brave attempt to increase the range of that deemed collectable, whilst simultaneously showcasing kinetic work to new audiences. This is in line with the commitment of FACT to find different audiences for contemporary art, contributing to the debate of how art explores our relationships with technology and society as a whole.'

Krachtgever (Bosch and Simons, 1993-98)

Krachtgever is a kinetic art classic, an exemplary work within the field of contemporary art both electro-mechanical and kinetic: art powered by electricity, which mechanically moves and controlled by computer. Bosch and Simons have continued to refine their technique and language from a pioneering practice combining the new media of midi, computing, mechanics and sculpture. This sits in a modern tradition, demonstrating artistsӠcontinuing curiosity to experiment, adapt and subvert technologies in ways they were never designed for and invariably communicating dystopian messages as opposed to creating efficiency. Krachtgever intellectually and emotionally resonates (quite literarily) themes of work, migration, identity and the familiar.

Professor Mike Stubbs, Director and CEO, FACT

Peter Bosch (1958) studied psychology at the Universities of Leiden and Amsterdam (1976-'83) and sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague (1986-'87).

Simone Simons (1961) studied at the audiovisual department of the Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam (1980-'85). Since 1997 they work and live in Valencia, Spain.

Krachtgever was awarded with a Golden Nica in the category уomputer Music of the Prix Ars Electronica, 1998, Linz. Their projects include Cantan un Huevo, awarded at the 29th Competition of Bourges, 2002, and Aguas Vivas obtained a mention at VIDA 6.0, Madrid, 2003 and was shown at їhite Noise ACMI, Melbourne, 2005 and in El medio es la comunicacion El Tanque, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 2007. (A retrospective of their work is planned for summer 2009 in the region Isre, France.)

With financial support of the Instituto Valenciano de la Musica, Spain and presented by FACT.