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Baschet Brothers

Baschet Brothers

Bernard Baschet : b. 1917
Frans Baschet : b. 1920

Sculpture Sonores is the name given to the Baschet Brothers’  vast collection of visually striking instruments crafted out of steel and aluminum and amplified by large curved conical sheets of metal. Some small, some over twenty feet high and incorporating glass rods, metal cones, wires, plastic inflatable resonators, and many other devices, these fascinating structures are not only aesthetically entrancing, but produce an incredible range of sounds and varied sonic textures. The ‘Sculpture Sonores’ have evolved into extremely sophisticated fully chromatic musical instruments and are regularly used for performances playing anything from Bach to Jazz. Their exquisite and exotic instruments whose sounds recall Partch, analogue synthesisers, the Ondes Martinot, Fred Frith and otherworldly atmospheres are impossible to produce except through this specific acoustic construction of materials and shapes.
The Baschet Brothers invented the inflatable guitar and the aluminum piano and have created an “educational instrumentarium” for exposing young people to musical concepts. Their instruments are often easy to play and accessible to people with any level of experience.

Among their best-known works are the interactive stainless steel HemisFair 68 Fountain at San Antonio and many innovative campaniles, clocks, and windmills. In their musical fountains, gongs, and chimes sound as water is emptied from a system of pivoted containers.

The Baschet Brothers have collaborated with Cocteau, Varese, Schaeffer, Shankar, Cage, Tudor, Menuhin and Takemitusu.

Kindly loaned by the Baschet Brothers