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Ben Parry and Jacques Chauchat

Ben Parry and Jacques Chauchat

With the desire and laughter of consumerism, artists Ben Parry and Jacques Chauchat have created a sonic junk street machine. A fully charged 1975 electric Milk Float and the discarded objects of everyday life become an orchestra of discord. Moving through the city the giant machine; a cacophony of motors, pulleys, wheels, cogs, horns, bells and other mechanisms animates trash and junk in anarchic motion. A peal of industrial thunder; a rinky-tink, clink-clank, ding, wallop-bang; it thuds, thrashes and strums, whirs and whistles, creaks and grinds, rings and tingles, cranks and crashes.

The spectator experiences the poetic language and song of detritus as it resounds the dynamism of contemporary life, its state of desire, endless pace and continual change, its movement, instability and infinite chaos.

Originally created in Liverpool (2006), the Milk Float has appeared in Manchester, Quebec City Biennale and is now touring the streets of London, continually evolving as it travels, picking up new objects and discarding old.

Jump Ship Rat

Jump Ship Rat is an international arts organisation and artist collective. Our practice is multiform, collaborative and interdisciplinary. We develop site-specific tactical interventions and participatory situations that subvert the everyday and explore and challenge traditional typologies of both public space and the urban void. Our work investigates urban contexts that influence a city's spatial structure and social organisation.

Ben Parry (1976) lives and works in Liverpool and London. On graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 2000 he established artist-organisation Jump Ship Rat.

Through interdisciplinary and often collaborative work the artist creates mobile, itinerant and site-specific tactical interventions through a process of Cultural Hijack. Working internationally, his projects employ a wide range of mediums including film, photography, light, sound and machines.

Jacques Chauchat was born in Paris in 1960 where he studied architecture and design. Jacques worked for ten years with Robert Plate for the concept and production of theatre and Opera dr; he now devotes his time to paintings, gravures, printings and to the concept design and building of large mobile environmental works.