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The new series ‘Venus 2.0’ from Mark Napier consists of software written by the artist that collects images of body parts of Pamela Anderson from the thousands of pictures of her available on the Internet and recreates an animated, three-dimensional figure out of these flat, fragmented pictures. A sculpture of Venus composed of the “raw materials” of our time: data and information. 'PAM Untitled' is a reference to the theme of the reclining Venus in art history e. g. by Titian or Giorgione.

Mark Napier (b. 1961, USA) is one of the best-known Net artists and has created art works for the Whitney Museum of American Art, Guggenheim Foundation and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, among others.

Gazira Babeli is an artist in Second Life who is working with 'code-performances'. She interferes with the commercial software used for Second Life in creating performances which deal with the 3D-environment in a critical and humorous way. Her performances are documented through films and prints. In 'Come to Heaven' Gazira examines the consequences of the command: fly with 900 km/h to heaven. The resulting visuals are oscillating between total abstraction and a distorted avatar flying into the virtual sky of Second Life.

The gallery [DAM]Berlin is exclusively dedicated to the influence of the computer and the digital in art and society with a special interest in the contextual examination of this media and/or new artistic forms. Since 2003 the gallery located in Berlin-Mitte represents young contemporary positions as well as pioneers in the field such as Manfred Mohr or Vera Molnar.