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Dianne Harris

Dianne Harris

As an artist, founding director and curator of Kinetica Museum, Dianne Harris has recurrently taken a technological approach to exploring the unseen realms of existence that surround us. By merging seemingly divergent fields of perception, such as science, philosophy, mythology and psychology, her work aims to heighten the awareness of human potentiality and question the self-imposed limitations that serve to confine the very nature of our ideas, thoughts and being. Using multi-dimensional media, sculpture and installation, Harris combines reality with non-reality. Beyond the specifics of time or place, her work simultaneously references the past, present and future to explore states of harmony, discordance, disappearance,  re-emergence and the vibration of matter.

Shedding The Self : Stroboscope 2010
Shedding The Self explores the domain of meditation and other transcendental practices which penetrate beyond the external physical shell to the essence of the core, the centre of existence. The work takes the form of a three-dimensional sculptural zoetrope utilising the technique of persistence of vision.

Moiresphere 2010
The vibration of image
Inspired by Moire interference, the Moiresphere creates an inner chamber of illusion.

Giant Theremin 2007
People are invited to interact with the theremin´s invisible force field.

Collaborator: Daniel Hirschmann, light and electronic engineering.