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Georgia Chatzivasileiadi

Georgia Chatzivasileiadi


Vasiliki Malakasi (Lighting Architect)
Alexis Chatzialexiou (Technical Supervisor)

Aftertrace (2009): A short story about light, motion and time

AFTERTRACE enables the viewer to feel drenched in colour, motion and time of the projected image. It is an ongoing project and runs in real time.

A DLP projector records a metronome, which spirals a white string in front of its light beam, leaving a serpentine RGB color Aftertrace. Motion triggers the images splitting to its primary components of red, green and blue light. The new decomposed image is detached from the flat projection surface, and spreads into the entire space.

AFTERTRACE refers to immediately apparent associations to retrace the initial formation of moving image: The exploration and analysis of a single white pixel as the images minimum molecule- probes the interactive relations between the production and reception of digital image. The autonomy of the medium, as a conceptual subject, underscores the human subjectivity and individual perception of phenomena as the basis of the reality definition.