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Hugh Turvey

Hugh Turvey

X-ray Photographer and Artist.

Contemporary London photographer Hugh Turvey uses x-ray to produce phenomenal and insightful constructed images...exposures of familiar and in between spaces.

There is a comic fantasy of 'x-ray specs'. The idea that by just wearing special glasses an ordinary person can reveal a hidden truth, this is just awe inspiring. This concept of revealing truth is one of the simplest structures in story telling and for me simply exemplified in the 1999 film 'The Matrix' when Neo (Keanu Reeves) has his epiphany, perceives his true environment and its structure is revealed. "To understand my work is to know - I have mastered my x-ray technique literally inside out". Hugh Turvey 2009

London based Hugh Turvey is recognised internationally for his x-ray works and as one of the worlds few contemporary x-ray artists. He continues to experiment with the new emerging x-ray technologies to produce his imagery for projects and commission. The work is observationally perceived and is a multi-stage process leading to intense detail capture with some overt unique colouring techniques applied by hand. The most recent 3 week exhibition 2009 at the Oxo Gallery London (Titled: X-perimentalist) was a phenomenal success which has led to representation, publication, recognition and commissions. It had over 8500 visitors and yes, that's a lot of people to talk to!

Hugh Turvey trained as a designer / art director but on discovering photography he retrained under iconic photographer Gered Mankowitz. In 1997 he started experimenting with x-ray/shadow photography after being asked to create an alternative 'revealing' image for an album cover. With the encouragement of the Science Photo Library he went on to produce an extensive series of coloured x-rays of everyday objects, which were first published on the 4 April 1999 in The Observer Magazine, LIFE, UK. In the same year Credit Suisse discovered Hughs x-ray vision and commissioned 6 ground breaking 'motion x-ray' European TV commercialsǠto date his work features in many international advertising campaigns, publications, collections worldwide.