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Ivan Black

Ivan Black

Ivan Black was born in London in 1972. He studied at Middlesex University and went on to pursue careers in carpentry, cabinet making and interior design while privately pursuing his interest in sculpture. He now makes sculptures full time in his workshop in Pembrokeshire, South Wales.

Ivan's interest in sculpture began at a young age and he has had an enduring fascination with wire as a medium. His early two dimensional efforts soon evolved into three dimensional figures. He added movement to his work and the figurative subjects gradually gave way to geometrical forms.

Ivan uses the repetition of simple forms to build complex kinetic structures. The introduction of energy, usually by the viewer, creates travelling waves which spiral through the structures, causing shifts in alignment of the component parts. Each sculpture is a section of a potentially continuous sequence, confined only by the limitations of the materials.

Whilst working primarily in wire, he now uses a variety of materials to give form and ballast to his work.

Ivan takes inspiration for his geometry from iconic natural forms, the DNA helix, the movement of the celestial bodies through space, sound and light waves and the golden spiral that forms the template for the growth of plants. The movements of his sculptures mimic those of these dynamic geometries, imbuing them with a uniquely organic motion.