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Peter Sedgely

Peter Sedgely

Peter Sedgley : 1930

I admit to some influence from Futurist and Surrealist artists, although in retrospect, my primary inspiration comes from Goethe about colour and Paul Klee as mentor on the creative process.

It is perhaps Klee´s influence that gives my work a restlessness as I move from one media to another in a context of revelation.

Recent works of mine are “Windomes”, wall mounted glass reliefs where the spectator becomes incorporated in the vital image of the work itself. “Windome”, is a play on the words ‘window’ and ‘me’. The work is composed of a dichroic glass panel behind which is a mirror illuminated at the side by a narrow strip light. This allows you to look through the glass and see in the virtual space created by the mirror, multiple coloured images of the light disappearing into the distance and at the same time seeing yourself and your surroundings as a spectral ghost on the surface of the glass, thus becoming part of both the vital and virtual imagery.

In your attempt to explore this imaginary space behind the glass it becomes evident that it is your own movement which causes the apparent displacement of the images and that you are now personally in control of this virtual kinetic event.

Kindly loaned by Peter Sedgley.