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Raday Gallery

Raday Gallery

In presenting the works of six Hungarian artists, Istvan Haraszty, Viktor Lois, Ferenc Pocsy, Miklos Bolcskey, Rudolf Pacsika and Tamas Komlovszky Szvet, the exhibition of the Raday Gallery aims to provide insight into the wide range of kinetic, electronic and scientific art in Hungary. Visitors can see and operate playful mobiles, futuristic instruments, geometric optical effects, optical illusons, conceptual kinetic machines and camera obscura photos. The selected artworks represent various approaches to the convergence of art and technology, from humorous to serious, from closely interactive to contemplative, from bizarre to elegant, from visually compelling to thought-provoking.

Mechanical genius Istvan Harasztyfs Play Art includes pendulum-like swinging, swirling mobiles that are kinetic par excellence in the sense that these fascinating masterpieces are about movement itself. Several of his works made in the 1990s are based on a physical paradox conveying universal, social, and moral messages.

Sound is an elementary factor in the oeuvre of Lois and his recent kinetic sculptures are unique instruments that need to be played; therefore, the human body also becomes an integral part of their performance.

Pocsy, an internationally renowned scientist, analyses the connection between science and fine arts creating impressive and graceful constructions based on geometric optics, thermodynamics and electrostatic discharge.

Bolcskey experiments with minimal photography. His photos reveal a curious relationship between darkness, light and vision, the laws of physics on the one hand, and digital technology on the other.

Rudolf Pacsika is best known for his conceptually inspired installations. Movement, balance and bizarre situations give his works a metaphysical attitude.

Komlovszky Szvet Tamas uses the latest technological inventions socio critically and in an experimental way. He takes benefit of light, colour, motion and electronic appliances. His most recent project is an installation applying electromagnetic levitation.

Raday Gallery hopes to provide all visitors with a unique display of artistic innovation.