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Roger Vilder

Roger Vilder

Roger Vilder  :  1938

My work is centered around a few physical and emotional feelings such as the growth of a shape or form, the filling of a crack, the expansion and contraction of matter, the change, mutation, metamorphosis of a shape. Coupled to those feelings are some more rational concerns such as the relationship of a unit to the whole, the similarities of motion cycles and evolution in different worlds seemingly without connections.  R Vilder 1974

Pioneering Bauhaus artist Joseph Albers made numerous geometrical drawings from the late 1940s to the early 1960s. His drawings are of 
ambiguous constructions, spaces impossible to build, based often upon double perspectives where shapes and volumes are either coming  
out or going away from the viewer, sometimes both at the same time.

The works through their purity, simplicity and minimalist expression challenge our sense of perception and spatial understanding.

Roger Vilder works within similar realms of challenging ones perception primarily by applying real motion to geometric figures,  
at times allowing them to express feelings of organic life or suggest illusions of perspective and space through a rotative, cyclical motion.

His works entitled Variations on Albers 2008/2009  shown at Kinetica Art Fair 2010 are based on some of J. Albers drawings and seem obvious to Vilder that thin neon lines would give the correct interpretation of Albers compositions respecting both their purity and simplicity through the added intensity of light.

Movement, transforming shape and proportion when applied to visual composition challenges our value of harmony,  balance, equilibrium 
and perception of positive and negative spaces. Positive spaces become negative and vice versa
Vilder 2009.

VilderÂ’s work spans over 40 years of working with kinetic art.

Kindly loaned by R. Vilder.