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Rosaline de Thelin

Rosaline de Thelin

Roseline de Thelin works with light as a medium and as a subject.

Over the past 10 years she creates light sculptures and light installations that explore the epiphenomena of light: reflection, refraction, fragmentation, conduction, transparency. She uses a range of materials including fibre optic, quartz crystal, mirrors, Perspex, wires and chains, metals, photographic prints and video. She designs modern lighting installations for public spaces and private homes internationally. She exhibits regularly in Spain where she is based and abroad.

Finding inspiration in astronomy, scientific theories and quantum physics, her latest work focuses on organic forms such as spirals, ellipses, waves, volutes and veils, to create large light pieces.

Her recent holographic light sculptures will be presented this year in the Kinetica Art Fair. These pieces made of edged fiber optic are a reflection on life and illusion. The first series feature a family of light beings surrounded with spirals and ellipses of light. Her next project is to bring these characters into different life situations and illusory light decors.