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Spring Wind

Spring Wind

This project by Anna Naduda represents a series of environmental kinetic art multimedia installations. The development of the project started in 2007 when "Transparent crystal" was performed for the first time at the land art symposium "Mogritsa" in the city of Sumi, Ukraine. A number of other works were created for the "Spring Wind" festival in Kiev, Ukraine.

The works in the "Transparent crystal" series develop the theme of human perception. An installation with objects of different shapes represents an environment of both natural surroundings and urban spaces, the interpenetration and intercommunication of man with his environment, the inner and outer space, observer and subject. The shapes of crystal are a universal metaphor for the trajectory of movement, and thus a static installation represents motion and kinetics.

All the objects are made from the environment without interrupting the natural course of events. Attention is drawn to changes in perception, as opposed to any change in reality. Crystal is observed as a symbol, a sign of the structure putting order in chaos. Thus a sign is mobile, like a constantly changing prism of perception. There is a cognitive parallel here on social dialogue. It is human nature that tends to bring about a structure, out of which is built a world in which to achieve maximum refined perception.

The development of this series is going from unstructured forms to more orderly shapes. The new graphic, formed by the crystal in the environment, is both combined and absolutely separated from it at once. Between different sides of the crystal you see a new picture of the environment, which is changing all the time. To create this motion the crossing facets of the crystal have to be of precise form. So this work combines both an art and engineering approach.

Inspired by the childhood experiences of crystal chandeliers, popular in the Soviet times, and kaleidoscopes, Anna trys to reflect the diversity of the surrounding space, and the versatility of incessant creation. Man creates more new prisms of perception, while complicating his view of the world. Crystal by itself is something very simple, but it brings contradictory things to a common denominator. The kinetic movement of the crystal and natural movement of the environment creates a new structure at its intersection.