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TINT is an interdisciplinary media arts organisation. Dedicated to the display of art which is derived from, and reflects upon the intersections of technology and culture. As an artist run organisation our core intentions are concerned with the support of artistic collaboration, acting as a point of juncture for artists working within the fields of science and technology. We assist in pursuing and establishing collaborations with scientists, theorists, artists and other practitioners. Our program of exhibitions and events support an experimentation of media and interactive arts, encouraging audiences to participate, explore and create.

TINT presents Memory
by Parag K Mital and Agelos Papadakis

Parag K. Mital is a cross-disciplinary researcher, interested in how computer vision and human perceptions are intrinsically related. Questioning what stimulates our attention, how a computer can learn this and how we react through reason, emotion, and liminal processes. 

Agelos Papadakis work is an investigation of human nature with an emphasis on the study of the individual and social parameters that shape us psychologically. A skilled glass blower, Papadakis combines traditional techniques with new media technologies. 

Memory consists of a structural network of glass neurons, linked together by chains in an amorphous neuron cloud. Through mapping and facial recognition, cameras track and record the faces of audience members, these images are then projected back into the sculpture. A recorded clip of the audience members play as a neural network of disparate memories. As new faces are learnt, old memories fade, and the sculpture reorganises its entangled network of neurons.