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Jim Bond

Jim Bond’s work combines transient kinetic elements with fragmenting disjointed figures which are comments on the struggle to live and the fragility of the human condition. Recent work in the dissection room of the medical school at Nottingham University has increased his fascination for the body as a machine and vehicle with wearing parts and complex unseen structures. The bodies in Jim Bond’s work are suspended, stretched, delicate and distorted. The skin and structure are drawn in three dimensions, as bodies disintegrate, explode apart and reconstitute themselves. Just as life adapts and evolves, so these structures are constantly moving, changing, reacting and responding.

‘Transient’, newly created for Kinetica Art Fair, re-visits these themes of construction and disintegration as a series of delicately balanced elements are triggered by sensors to temporarily assemble the disparate elements of a body.

Atomised 2005

Photo: John Coombes