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Alex Allmont


Alex Allmont’s work draws on his fascination with the complex systems at work in nature.  He explores the tipping points between stability and instability, order and chaos, dissonance and consonance by using playful kinetic sculptures and sonic art forms.  Through his intricate pieces he mediates insight and understanding of the inner dynamics of these natural mechanisms.

During his Contemporary Art and Music MA at Oxford Brookes University Alex asked questions about the structures at play within rhythm.  What shapes the cognition and aesthetic of a beat?  At what point does a structured pattern dissolve into incomprehensibility?  These ideas are explored with phasing, polyrhythm and accidental music to dig into the roots of rhythm.

A programmer by trade, Alex uses computational and electronic tools to explore abstract ideas.  These are then explored sculpturally using LEGO Technic before being drawn together into a final form.  The process of playfully articulating a mechanism or movement gradually transforms these ideas into meditative pieces which draw the viewer into a world of exposed complexity.

Alex has created a number of site-specific pieces.  Exploring what makes a site ‘tick’ (sometimes literally) offers its own systems and forms for developing work.  During his MA Alex developed a number of LEGO Technic pieces for the Museum of the History of Science in Oxford and ResonanceFM’s "Open" exhibition at Raven Row in London for which he won a curator’s award.

Working with a familiar toy medium enables a multi-tiered appreciation; the motive behind the mechanisms becomes tangible and complexity dissolves away as recognisable components work together.  An understanding of the material gives the audience a stronger connection to the artist, the process of development and the work involved in making.  The result is work that can at once be honest, complex, accessible and fun for a broad audience.