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Antonella has just graduated from the MA

in Design for Interactive Media at Middlesex University. She considers interactive work to be one of the most interesting ways to develop and stimulate new forms of input, in a multi- disciplinary way. The works presented want to go beyond the limitations of the WIMP (“windows, icons, menus, pointer”) archetype and aim to provoke emotional sensations.

“x,y,z Colour Space” has been designed so that the user can have a satisfactory experience even if time is limited. People are invited to touch a feather and, in so doing, alter and choose the colour being projected on the surrounding walls. Stimulating the user’s haptic sense, the installation provides a colourful visual output through a pleasing and unconventional input modality.

“μgic” invites the user to move different parts of the body to activate different sounds assigned to the different joints, giving him/her the potential of creating melodies by moving freely around a room. The installation aims to explore states of harmonic empathy within the user’s body, the space and the interaction with the machine.

Technology: Arduino, photocell, Processing, Minim, Kinect.

Antonella has always been interested in generating public engagement while stimulating creative and accessible experiences. She is fascinated by the ways in which we understand the world around us, the ways we communicate, the complexity of our emotions, our cognitive processes and our perceptions.

She is focused on interactions that evoke new designs which embody tactile, visual, olfactory, hearing and taste feedbacks in the human-machine interaction, perhaps evoking an experience more akin to human- human interaction. She aspires to stimulate our senses and inspire new themes through designing and shaping what surrounds us.