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Bruno Mathez


Bruno Mathez is a french audiovisual artist living in London. His creations can be referred to as experimental visual equivalents of different types of media or stage practices. Bruno specialises in creating visuals for music concerts, operas, dance and theatre shows. He has exhibited Photophonics, a light-to-sound installation made in collaboration with sound technologist Mike Blow, in the UK since 2008, including at the Royal Festival Hall in London. He is part of the interactive audiovisual group The Sancho Plan with whom he worked for the Ars Electronica Center in 2009 and toured in Europe and in the US. 


Bruno is currently investigating a type of interactive video sculpture installation in which he stages virtual human characters interacting in a space remediated by videoprojection and influenced by the viewers of the installation. The Exquisite Medium is the first of a series and represents Bruno’s current investigation in the fields of visual music in space and generative art, using projection mapping techniques and sound design.

In The Exquisite Medium the participant is activating a mysterious character who will recite randomly generated surrealist sentences and translate them into a symbolic and visual language by illuminating the corresponding objects around him with a pair of light torches. The installation is an audiovisual variation of The Exquisite Corpse, the game created by the surrealists in which a collection of words or images are collectively assembled and generate surprising surrealist sentences or drawings.


In The Exquisite Medium, the participant is sharing the bizarre world of a an excentric pseudo-spiritual character. A world where light, sounds, words and objects are intrinsically.