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greyworld’s Tail is finally available to own...

Everyone wants to have a tail!

greyworld wanted to create a tail that could express your cheeky side and do all the naughty things you dream of. It is fully controllable, it can bend and flex and knock things off tables, tremble and twist and curl, and of course wag and get frisky.

Since 2006 when they showed off the first Tail the response has been overwhelming, and now you can have your very own Tail!

greyworld’s Tail is 62cm long plus a tufty end, and comes in Panther (black), Snow Leopard (black and white), Lion(ess) (beige) and Bond Villain Cat (white). Each tail comes with a remote control keyfob and charger.

Clipping on to your belt or waistband, the Tail has four modes, selected by pressing a button on the tiny remote control. Mode one is slow moves (eg. slow wags, trembles), mode two is fast moves, mode three is a selection of all the moves, and the fourth mode is for dancing - tap the button in time to the music and watch your tail dance!

greyworld can make shorter Tails to order, and can also cover them in custom fabrics. 

A built in rechargeable battery is included, as well as a remote control, a Certificate of Authenticity and an instruction booklet.

greyworld’s Tail is handmade artwork and is not suitable for children.