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Karen Neill

Award-winning micrographer Karen Neill explores the behavioural characteristics of the movement of fluid in particular Liquid Crystal capturing the fascinating state and textures through the microscope.


After graduating from Byam Shaw School of Art London at Central St Martins London she was offered a residency at the Liquid Crystal Institute in Ohio where she   analysed the liquid crystal as an Artist in the laboratory. 


She films and micrographs the fluid as the molecules dictate the structure and orientation. LC is found abundantly in the natural world in proteins, cell membranes and DNA. 


Neill’s work blurs boundaries between Art and Science, as she maps the behavioural characteristics of the movement of fluid and in particular liquid crystal. She captures the full colour spectrum and the intrinsic qualities of its molecular structure, through film and photography using polarized light to reveal the molecular orientation. 




Neill describes the micrographs and videos as ‘intimate moving paintings which gaze into a phenomenon; inviting the viewer to submerge within the realms of ethereal depths. As the liquid warms and cools the textures and spectrum writhe and flow enticing a sensory perception. Changes in the texture and the full colour spectrum of the liquid ‘take us to another world. It tests our senses and questions our perception of the hidden depths and influences of the movement of matter. 


She runs workshops in schools to bridge gaps between art and science and is a member of LONSAS.


She was winner of The Wellcome Trust Image Awards 2005 for her work with liquid crystal, now in their permanent collection.

Novartis and Daily Telegraph awarded Neill for her work with liquid crystal Visions of Science Awards 2004. 

The Science Museum London use images of her work with liquid crystal.

Roche and GSK are collectors of her work.

 Special thanks to Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University, Ohio, USA.