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Patrick Heide Contemporary Art


Extract from: Annett Zinsmeister, 'In the Deep Rapture of Light and Colour'


...Hans Kotter is an expert when it comes to colours and light. His main interest during his study of painting lay with colour compositions, handling plain areas and structure, and colour and form. At the end of the 90s he began to concentrate more and more on the medium of photography. Devising his own experimental set-ups, he devoted himself to a study of light and its segmentation into colour spectra. The visualisation and aesthetic staging of light refraction and colour compositions of great virtuosity have been part of Kotter’s basic repertoire of works since then:

“There is no other element with such a lasting impact on life on our planet as light. Light fascinates me in a huge variety of ways and I have investigated the medium of light, with its composition, physical contexts, colours, perception and cultural history for many years. The experiences and insights resulting from this investigation are later implemented in my works.”

 It is the playful treatment of a wide range of materials such as oil, water, acrylic glass, stainless steel, chrome, etc., and their effects in relation to light and colour which fascinates Hans Kotter and inspires him to try out new forms of expression continually. This diversity in the handling of materials is revealed in his works’ great power of expression and variety.

 The abstraction of colour and light creates diffuse landscapes, the illusion of distance, mysterious waves, the impression of water, shimmering heat or the finest of fabrics, which seem to glide across the picture surface in undulating folds. The apparent materiality of these unmanipulated photographs of the immaterial – of light and colour – points to their origins in painting, yet at the same time they document physical processes. The incredible degree of beauty, opulence, brilliance and simultaneous mystery with which natural scientific insights can be manifest in art is quite remarkable...


Patrick Heide Contemporary Art