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Imagine if the wasted energy from people walking could be converted into electrical power. This is exactly what the Pavegen flooring tile does. It harvests the wasted kinetic energy from human footsteps and converts it into useful off-grid power. The electricity can either be collected in the on-board storage system or be used instantly for interactive applications such as architectural lighting, advertising displays, interactive artwork and more. 

Pavegen is perfect for designers and architects to demonstrate the green credentials of new or existing developments and installations in a way that physically and directly engages people in the renewable energy generation process.

The centre of the slab flexes 5mm with every footstep, generating between 5 and 8 watts per person. The power generated can be used to power a range of applications such as LED street lighting, bus stops, advertising displays, etc. It replaces the use of carbon-intensive ordinary cement flooring, and has the advantage of serving a functional energy-using purpose too. 

Pavegen is ideal for use in high footfall environments such as schools, shopping centres, transport hubs, supermarkets and sports stadia. With an ever expanding population, this untapped resource allows for a localised solution for low power devices. 

Wind, solar, and hydro-power are all ‘established’ names in the renewable energy sector. But for the first time, kinetic energy is being used on a commercial scale for renewable energy generation. Where wind, solar and hydro are ineffective, kinetic energy is at its most effective – busy, built up, urban environments with a constant flow of people traffic. It is in these areas too that localised forms of off-grid energy generation can serve their greatest role. Imagine the ticket barriers in tube stations being powered entirely by the volume of people passing through them, or electric vehicles being charged by the flow of traffic on our streets. Aggregating these micro generation schemes has a transformative effect on how we perceive energy, and most importantly, where it comes from.