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(As seen on Dragons Den)

PhilharmonicLights is based on innovative, state of the art, patent pending technology, initially inspired and developed for the opening ceremony of 2012 London. It is a unique new development in entertainment, designed to create an instant euphoric experience for the spectator.

PhilharmonicLights can be described as a firework visually translating the music. Instead of fireworks and noise, flashing lights are artistically synchronised with the music. With PhilharmonicLights there is a new dimension to music, being seen and not just heard. Every note and instrument can be experienced in the surrounding space. There are various forms of PhilharmonicLights, sometimes with lights, sometimes with mechanical effects, all synchronised with music.

It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The main purpose of PhilharmonicLights is to raise an atmosphere to the highest level, by impressing spectators in the shortest possible time, as an addition to the main events, although it can be used as an independent event, for example in the case of amusement parks or independent parts of a show. Depending on requirements, shows can last from 1.5 to 10 minutes, or more. The best places for usage are spectaculars for opening events, amusement parks, cruise liners, yachts, exclusive events and parties, corporate events, product launches, hotel attractions, fashion shows, musicals, Hi-Tech dance groups, show rooms, exhibitions, concerts and museums.