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Piotr Jedrzejewski


Kinetic Dreams

Kinetic objects, such as clocks, animals, and fantastic creatures, appear in the mind and dreams of Piotr Jedrzejewski. Initially they occur as just an outline of a form, a notion, an idea without details. Often they are expereinced as only a mood, emotion, or feeling. Jedrzejewski waits to take a pencil in his hand, letting the ideas crystallise and mature in his head before committing himself to a drawing. When he begins sketching he is usually ready to quickly finalise.

Since Jedrzejewski was a little boy he had always loved creating machines that were fulfilling absurd functions. One day he was told that he could bring them to life under the heading of Art. Recently he visited a painter, noticing his workshop was full of tubs, paints, canvasses, and easels. His workshop, on the other hand, looks completely different. There are tools instead of paint, and he uses screws, nails, pins, and cogs. Mechanics and kinetic structures are Pascoe's media, and it is with these that he expresses what is in his mind.

Because of the need to be precise with his kinetic creatures, Jedrzejewski does not tend to use ready-made elements. He wants to be in touch with the form and to have total control of every mechanical ingredient. A few years ago he would make every element by hand. This was great fun for Jedrzejewski but limited the size and complexity of his creations. He then started to use more modern technologies, but still staying close to the soul of his works. Every time he creates a new object, it is a prototype. When the piece is ready, it becomes alive and does not need any more words.