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PM+NR is the location for the artists Paul Malone and Nicola Rae who are showing at the Kinetica Art Fair in February 2012. We were at Stand No 39 at the Ambika P3 venue on the Marylebone Rd., London. This is underneath the University of Westminster building. The panels below will give you an idea of the work we are exhibiting, or you can visit our individual websites.

Paul Malone informs his artworks by reference to alternative, lost and forgotten scientific theories, especially in the area of cosmology. The series of projects associated with this thread come within the remit of 'Cosmological Conceits', describing the modeling of the Universe in terms of assemblages of the commonplace. At these times, Paul turns for assistance to the model railway community. Here at Kinetica, the extended project 'The Inconstant Heavens' explores historical interpretations of the morality of the night sky. Based on an essay by Livio Stecchini, fragments of text from Galileo, Newton and others swirl around inside perspex tanker wagons. These in turn orbit 'perpetuum mobile' around a celestial trackway.

Paul studied at Reading University (1976) and the Royal College of Art (1980) and has at studio at APT in Deptford. Recent exhibitions include Currents 2011, Santa Fe, Venice Biennale Collaterali 2011, Art Life for the World Gallery and 'Perduto Padre' CAVE Project Space, Sistiana, Trieste 2011. He also runs Ottica TV contemporary art channel and the Hybrasil sandpit.

Nicola Rae's art practice engages with sound frequency visualisations in response to acoustic experimentation. Through the use of sound emission analysers, live sonic processes are made visual and projected as interactive installations. By activating a variety of microphones these sound frequency visualisations respond to voice, which often becomes reciprocal vocal/visual play, and continues into reflexive experimental noise production. Recent sound frequency installations have been activated by acoustic sounds, which have been recorded using a variety of microphones including hydrophones.

During 2011 exhibitions included: 'Tap Drip Frequencies', CUBE4x4x4, Mannheim, Germany; 'MAPPING PROJECT: Markers 8', during 54th Venice Biennale, Italy; 'Track Changes: LV21 Lightship', Gillingham, Kent (Arts Council England). In 2010 exhibitions included: 'Erased Walls: Mediations Biennale', ConcentArt e.V, Kreuzberg, Berlin; 'SOUNDCITY: Action Field Kodra 10', Thessaloniki, Greece; 'DériveLab: project 2: Sound and Interaction', C4CC, 16 Acton St, London (funded by Goldsmiths + University of London).