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Poietic Studio


Poietic (from the Greek: ποιητικός “creative maker”) is the forming of something to be received and acted upon.

Founded by Richard Harvey & Keivor Stainer, Poietic Studio is an innovative practice with backgrounds in interactive and spatial design, art and engineering.

The physical act of making is at the heart of Poietic Studio. They explore the limits of technology, science and imagination to create unique mechanical structures that offer memorable experiences whilst celebrating the poetics of engineering.

There is currently a tendency to make things virtual. Poietic Studio’s work is elemental. They are gaining recognition as craftsmen of tangible engagement, blending analogue and digital disciplines to make extraordinary projects happen.

Poietic Studio’s work resonates by tapping into people’s fundamental joy of play, curiosity and exploration. The designers believe instinctual human desires are too often overlooked during the creation of spaces and places.

Poietic Studio’s respective backgrounds place them perfectly to create new forms of interaction within the public realm. Their intrinsic belief in the importance of play is equal to their respect and understanding of the relationship between art and architecture.

Poietic Studio has an in-depth knowledge of up to date technologies, but also appreciates the importance of ‘real life’ interactions. The public response to their work certainly reinforces this view point as it proves to be hugely successful at engaging diverse audiences.