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Sophie Cullinan

Sophie Cullinan is a multi-media installation artist.  She creates audience participatory sculpture utilising different materials, often discarded clothing, in conjunction with light, sound, and mechanical and electronic elements, creating works which engage the audience whilst challenging reactions to traditional and homespun techniques such as embroidery.  Her work incorporates word play and labelling to create ambiguity and duality of meaning.  Themes of female identity, labelling and the roles of mother verses self are recurrent strands throughout Sophie’s work. 


Sophie is currently working on an Arts Council England sponsored project ‘GrowYourOwn*BlowYourOwn’. Her interactive work ‘BLUES’ was part of the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival where, with the help of pedestrian participants, it delighted audiences with it’s ‘beautiful music’ on the Royal Mile, as part of the Street Performance programme.




GYO*BYO comprises several interactive works including a multiple-participant project which will be located at Fermynwoods Country Park, Northamptonshire in Spring 2012.


Also widely popular at the Edinburgh Festival and showing at Kinetica, the life-size interactive work ‘WORN’ was constructed from garments discarded over a period of ten years.  ‘WORN’ recalls the peacock splendours of Dolly Parton’s ‘Coat of Many Colours’ and Joseph’s ‘Technicolour Dreamcoat’ but its bright façade betrays a picture of toil, dirt and destruction; each scrap of fabric is torn, stained or marked, the remnants of past life.  ‘WORN’ captures a faceless archetypal woman.  A super-human lavatory door sign, in glorious technicolour who, with audience interaction, and a barrage of domestic machinery noise, struggles up, briefly triumphing, only to fall defeated, deflated into a dejected repose.