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University of Hertfordshire


The University of Hertfordshire’s Special Effects and Interactive Media courses all allow students to engage with creativity, construction, and control in the physical world.

The BA and MA Special Effects courses are the only courses of their kind in the UK and probably the world. We have settled on a broad definition of a Special Effect being ‘a model that does something’ and see Special Effects as a design discipline which also encompasses mechanics and electronics. Students are encouraged to experiment with the concepts, techniques, materials and methodologies of working in three dimensions. This translates into work in the areas of Film, Theatre, Exhibition, Product Development and Art Projects. 

There are well-equipped studios, workshops and computer labs enabling students to experience CAD, CNC machining and rapid prototyping. The course maintains close ties with relevant industries allowing us to offer fantastic work experience opportunities. Employment rates on graduation are very high and the skills and knowledge gained are in demand in many sectors. 

Interactive Media is offered in BA/BSc and MA courses. We define interaction as the relationship people have with technology. For us, it is not necessarily about keyboards and screens. Interactive Media is about the future, about creating the objects and spaces where humans and computers meet, and about the software and technology that shape and underpin the ways they co-exist with each other. 

Interactive Media graduates have high-level core skills which they are comfortable in deploying in unfamiliar and challenging situations and contexts. All students have experience with physical computing and interdisciplinary projects as well as training in mobile, web and application design. Employability is high with graduates going into a wide range of positions, from web coding for international retail companies, to innovative social media enterprises and entrepreneurship.