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University of Lincoln


Interactive Design


BA (Hons) Interactive Design, University of Lincoln

The Interactive Design degree programme at the University of Lincoln is characterised by the emphasis that it places upon creative exploration across a wide range of media, materials, processes and techniques. Paramount to the growing success of this programme and its graduates is the belief that the essential ingredients of a ‘successful’ art and design education should include the development of an enquiring mind, a broad visual vocabulary, and a desire to experiment with traditional and new media processes.This in turn would lead to an ability to communicate ideas, concepts, and philosophies, in the form of visual product, to a wider ’public’ audience.

The course enjoys a growing reputation throughout various strands of the Design industries with its alumni populating the very best creative studios within the major cities of the UK and Europe.


Interactive Design at Kinetica 2012

Interactive Design will, for the first time, be showing a range of student work at Kinetica Art Fair. This will be achieved digitally via our course app on three iPads on stands along one wall. Along the second wall we will show at least two pieces of work. This will including “RINGSTRUMENT”, a modern day music box that utilises a camera in-place of a stylus or CD laser and a turntable, used in conjunction with a purpose built Flash interface that in turn triggers a pre-programmed set of sounds by reading a selection of spinning grids.