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University of Westminster


MA Architecture and Digital Media

School of Architecture and the Built Environment - University of Westminster


Students exhibiting their work: Georgios Dimitrakopoulos, Anne-Laure Guiot, Sylviya Ilieva.

Tutors: Richard Difford, François Girardin, Jon Goodbun, Filip Visnjic.


The history of architectural representation is one in which the devices used to picture and communicate form and space, also provide a model and the medium through which architecture is conceptualised and explored. The use of digital technology offers a wealth of new opportunities for architecture and continues to provide the scope for new research and innovation in design.


The MA Architecture and Digital Media seeks to provide a critical perspective through which the value and appropriateness of these technologies can be assessed. In the context of a vibrant digital design culture, including digital prototyping, animation, parametric design and interactive/responsive environments, the implications of digital media technology are considered in terms of their impact on architectural theory and practice. Centred primarily on design based work, the thesis brings together theory, design, and technical skills as an integrated conceptual project. Students are encouraged to explore and incorporate emerging technologies and to demonstrate an innovative and imaginative use of digital media.