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VJ Yourself


Andor Merks examines new aspects of human self-expression through his interactive works.

Merks' research has two sides: one is about the digital technology that facilitates the interactive image generation, the other is about the narrative and compositional structures of our visual culture. In his works these two fields self reciprocate one another’s evolution. The technical side concentrates on finding new ways of structuring the computer code (that generates the graphical content) in order to adapt it to our brain’s cognitive patterns. Beside his own experiments, Merks is making extensive research into the human sciences to find corresponding endeavours: Jung’s Active Imagination concept, H. Hesse : Glass Bead Game, W. Gibson’s cyberspace vision, Carlos Castaneda : inner journeys.

Though most can express themselves through speech, it is a minority who do so via the medium of sound or imagery. Conveying thoughts and emotions in a visual message is Merks' way of sharing his inner imagination with a larger audience. Everyone may be able to dream, but only some choose to share their dreams, aspirations, and subconscious with the world at large.

From the moment Merks first saw a VJ (Video Jockey) performing in a club in 2001 he had a vision of a yet undeveloped art form. Observing the VJ simply mixing pre-recorded video loops on-the-fly, Merks imagined the birth and evolution of a new art-form; a band of visual artists equipped with digital gadgets improvising and painting in the air like the jazz greats creating their soundscapes. And even further, two ordinary people sitting in front of each other and communicating via images, projecting their fantasies and dreams for the other to see.

Merks views this as a new dawn; a new frontier to explore, develop, and immerse in.

Being among the pioneers who make meaningful visual communication allowing everyone to share themselves through imagery is his focus, core, and raison d'etre.

Join him in this exploration of self expression.