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Alistair Burleigh

Alistair Burleigh creates supernatural realms by exploring the complex relationships between the virtual technology of computer systems and the natural world. With his media Arts company Wrap3, he pioneered 360 degrees video mapping systems. i>Lab is Burleigh’s new enterprise which makes ornamental glass resin sculptures and with the use of internal LEDs, the sculptures capture a static and translucent representation of organic forms such as liquids and flowers.

Burleigh’s new work, Versus is created by merging sculpture, LED light and projection mapping onto a collection of glass resin flowers. The title refers to: form VS light, and light VS light. Through the mixture of translucency and texture, Versus examines the perceptual realism of form by portraying a three-dimensional physical playground. The sculpture’s internal LEDs cast vivid, close-up shadow sequences onto the plant and its leaves in response to the video-mapping, where a story of an illusive reality of the life force of the plant gradually unfolds, as a paradox of its hidden world.The digital mapping gives the impression that the leaves present a window towards an alternative reality of another dimension. Through this window, we get a glimpse of nature working on a microscopic level, of a visible and supernatural world.

Alistair Burleigh is a Kinetica Museum Oxygen artists member.