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Chris Levine

Chris Levine is a pioneer in the field of light art, creating holographic digital artworks in pursuit of the most vivid visual sensation. His work explores light not just as a core aspect of art but also as a transformative power that may take one to a spiritual and philosophical journey. His work explains why paying close attention to those things the eye all-too-often misses might just help to elevate our visual perception and to experience a “lightness of being.”

Angel is a mounted lightwork representing a life-size angel that utilises the Visual Echo of Blipvert technique, projecting imagery into the viewer’s peripheral vision. The viewer interacts on a sensory and perceptive level, becoming immersed in the energy field created by the work standing between the nature of reality and the reality of nature. Angel, leads people into a sense of awe via momentary meditative states in which they have an expanded sense of godliness and connectedness with the unseen realms, a glimpse of another dimension.

Levine’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including: MoMA, New York; National Portrait Gallery, London; Kinetica Museum, London; Saatchi Gallery, London; Science Museum, London; National Gallery of Scotland; Swarovski Crystal Palace, Milan. His collaborations include: the Eden project, Anthony and the Johnsons, Philip Treacy, Massive Attack, Grace Jones and Asprey Jewellers.