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David John Rosewell

Inspired by the work of Jean Tinguely and Rebecca Horn, drawn from his fascination with mechanics and industrial aesthetics, Rosewell’s work is created from found objects such as metal, wood, canvas and various mechanical components. Investigating on the movement of the body or parts of the body, his work highlights some of the political and moral contrasts which society faces, forming an emotional experience within the environment.

Puppets to our Creations is made out of wood, metal, servos, arduino board, and sensor. It is a hypocritical piece, as without the technology the artist has incorporated into it, the piece would not function. At first sight, the ‘puppet’ looks humorous as it mimics the movements of the viewers. In this dark parody and by the act of performance, the viewer has been transformed from the puppeteer into the puppet. This form of transformation, of role-change and of manipulation in the work, raises the question, “who is controlling who?” or, “who is pulling the strings?”. Puppets to our Creations evokes that we are all under someone’s control without realizing, reflecting the disillusionment that we are living in a free society.

David John Rosewell is a Kinetica Museum Oxygen artists member. Other work is on permanent display at The MAD Museum, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK.