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David Ogle

Much of David Ogle’s work to date has dealt with exploring notions of materiality, of permanence and of the visual perception of objects in space. Using light as a sculptural medium, his work is innately ephemeral. It begins as a set of strict mathematical procedures that are played out within an environment. The space simultaneously shapes the work and becomes manipulated by it.

Light as a medium rests on the border between the material and the immaterial. Without light, the objects are invisible; without object, light serves no visual function. But what if this object is light itself? Perceptible within an environment but without a physical mass of its own, it materialises as a ghost in space.

The light is allowing for existence and perception whilst revealing a ‘void’ through its absence of physicality. This absence is the space in which the work functions. These glowing and dimensionless subliminal spaces, not only stimulate the eye but also the body, providing an experience of standing in-between a real space and an illusory space, as if in a state of limbo.

David Ogle is a Kinetica Museum Oxygen artists member.