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Delfin Ortiz

Emerging artist Delfin Ortiz has recently graduated with a degree in Fine Art. His main interest is installation, focusing on the qualities of light, space, reflection and repetition. He also produces painting, sculpture, video, printing and performance, exploring the sensuality and obscurity of geometry through patterns, sounds and textures. Highly influenced by minimal and kinetic art, his geometric work triggers the visual perception.

8 mirrors is composed of a plain square platform, on top of which eight mirrors are raised; four of them are static while the others exhibit mobility. In the projected space, a series of coloured, crossing lines compose stable geometric figures. This space represents the perception that an individual has towards reality, of the world that surrounds us, and that which the eye sees.

Nevertheless, the four revolving mirrors have been choreographed to remove us from the static. A simple ‘twist’ deconstructs the space. The continuity of the line is transformed to create new patterns; spaces appear beyond the platform projected towards the infinite. Through a dialogue with form, space, colour and rhythm, a geometric maze in constant flux appears before our eyes.

This incites curiosity within the viewer and represents our inner world, illusions and dreams. Delfin Ortiz is a Kinetica Museum Oxygen artists member.