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Dianne Harris / Christian Ristow

Woman with Burning Vision is an automated, electrified robot with propane fuelled vision. Like a female Prometheus, she breathes energy from her eyes throwing ignited vision into the world, giving it life. Her robotic hand beckons you forward, like a seductive Siren, which foreshadows the predicament that is at cost - your peril. Like Maschinenmensch from Fritz Langs’ MetropolisWoman with Burning Vision is a machine-woman, featuring the corporeal voluptousness and allure of a real woman. She embodies the same archetypes as that of a seductive Siren, a dazzling goddess, a femme fatale and, an electric Venus; fire, bursting from her eyes as a metaphor of her spirit. Being both an artifact and an artifice she personifies life, energy and death, by enlivening and transforming herself through an elemental force.

Founding director and curator of Kinetica Museum, Dianne Harris, has recurrently taken a technological approach to exploring the unseen realms of existence that surround us. Using multidimensional media, sculpture and installation, Harris combines reality with non-reality. By merging seemingly divergent fields of perception, her work aims to heighten the awareness of human potentiality and question the self-imposed limitations that serve to confine the very nature of our ideas, thoughts and being. Harris has exhibited in galleries and museums nationally and internationally for the past 20 years.

Christian Ristow has actively engaged in the world of Robot Performance Art for the past two decades, staging many shows around California, New Mexico & Nevada USA. He has worked closely with the Seemen and Survival Research Laboratories. His work offers a strange new vision of the evolving relationship between, man and machine.

Special thanks to Mike & Kylan McKeever.