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Ivan Black

Ivan Black uses the repetition of simple forms to build complex kinetic structures. The introduction of energy, usually by the viewer, creates traveling waves which spiral through the structures, causing shifts in alignment of the component parts. He sets parameters for this movement, which allow three-dimensional forms to emerge at various points of the sculpture’s alignment. Each sculpture is a section of a potentially continuous sequence, confined only by the limitations of the materials.

Ivan’s current work uses his unique kinetic mechanisms incorporated with light to create geometrical forms that mutate upon the introduction of energy. He takes inspiration for his geometrical forms from iconic natural forms such as: the DNA helix, the movement of the celestial bodies through space, sound and light waves and the golden spiral that forms the template for the growth of plants. The movements of his sculptures mimic those of these dynamic geometries, imbuing them with a uniquely organic motion and dynamic visual illusion.

Ivan Black has participated annually in the Kinetica Art Fair’s feature exhibition since 2009. Kinetica Museum mounted a solo exhibition of his work entitled Vanishing Point (2010). His work is seen in many public spaces in the UK and found in private collections both nationally and internationally, including that of Cass Sculpture Foundation.