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Jonty Hurwitz

Kinetica Art Fair, sees the launch of Generation Pi, a series of anamorphic sculptures by the polymath Jonty Hurwitz. The works are contemporary trompe l'oeil, at first glance appearing abstract, but in mirrored reflections, representational. The series is a study on the physics of how the human brain perceives space based on Einstein's theory E=mc2 (energy, mass and the speed of light). Each sculpture is an object that could only be created by the technology of today as over 1 billion mathematical calculations and algorithims were used in its creation, far more than could be achieved in the lifetime of the human brain. This is what Generation Pi is all about: how we live in an age where computers are more powerful than people, and the boundary between illusion and reality is increasingly blurred.

"Generation Pi marks the point where the majority of our decisions are influenced by computers. We are at the dawn of a new age that makes a Matrix-like world closer than any of us imagined. [...] Generation X and Generation time does fly!" Jonty Hurwitz

Pre-release images of Generation Pi circulated through the online media on 31st January and within a few days they had received an estimated 6m impressions across the globe from Vietnam to Venezuela.

Jonty will be talking at Kinetica on Saturday March 2nd on How X plus Y became Pi: The spread of algorithms creating reality from abstract data.