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Laurent Debraux

Laurent Debraux previously worked as a software programmer and in 1988 cofounded Holy-Dis, a company which was placed on the stock market in France. Since 2010, Debraux started making kinetic sculptures, combining poetry with technology. Viewers enter into his magical realm to find vibration a key and poetic sculptures in motion.

Sinope is an optical sculpture made of plexiglass and steel. As the sculpture rotates, it creates the illusion of a sphere within a cube, appearing and disappearing. Black Dance is a performative sculpture; a mesmerising and hypnotic dance performance consisting of magnets, a microscope and black ferrofluid, that takes us into a microcosmic and very entertaining sub realm. La passé n’existe pas (The past doesn’t exist) is a completely blank white screen, a tabula rasa. By wearing 3-D glasses, visitors see themselves from a strange angle and some 20 seconds in the past, confused in time, space and perception. Another work entitled simply lllusion uses the optical illusion of afterimage, depicting small black dots that negatise as the eye passes from one dot to another, the work challenges our mind to grasp what we are perceiving and to try to control the illusion which is quicker than the eye. La Marche de L’Oursin plays on our perception of what is real.

Debraux has exhibited his work in London, Paris and Brazil including: Contemporary Art Fair MAC Paris, Cité Internationale Theatre, Paris, Festival Del Arte Digital, Brazil.

Laurent Debraux is a Kinetica Museum Oxygen artists member.