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Madi Boyd

Madi Boyd’s work combines constructed environments and projected films to create immersive installations, investigating the interaction between moving image, space, and the brain. She regularly collaborates with scientists and psychologists in order to understand how the elements she works with primarily (motion, light, pattern, form and space) are received and interpreted by the brain. For Boyd, a blank canvas is a pitch-dark room into which she sculpts light and space by combining built environments with projected video. Sculpting physical space as if it were matter, she uses perceptual ambiguity to create environments that perform.

Film is a discontinuity of light and movement, a set of still images that presents itself to our eyes as continuity, creating the illusion of moving images. In a similar manner, Fragment Cinema explores moving image as illusion, where the cinema screen is re-invented as sculpture and interacts with the film. The work plays with the illusory nature of moving image by fragmenting both the screen and the film projected onto it, allowing them to interact in new and unusual ways. The screen is no longer a passive flat surface, but a performer in the film, creating its own tension within the work. The projected imagery is abstract and non-narrative, using montage, cadence, form and movement to create meaning, and to highlight the role of the spectator’s imagination.

Madi Boyd is a Kinetica Museum Oxygen artists member.