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Okhaos Creations

The creative duo, Okhaos - derived from a melange of Order and Chaos, explore their creativity through interactive installations, kinetic sculptures and various mechanical contraptions constructed from recycled materials.

Mechalgorhythm is a manifestation of the creative interaction between man and machine, a symbiotic relationship represented as mechanical expressionism. The machine takes its form from a mythological creature called ‘the cockatrice’ - the subject of an ancient myth of fear responsible for the waste of many a perfectly edible egg. The element of fear is represented here through the myth of the incomprehensible and untouchable technology that is responsible for the waste of many a perfectly functional machine.

Paying homage to Jean Tinguely’s Metamatic works, Mechalgorythm invites members of the public to interact with a mechanical algorithm operated through a bicycle-like mechanism, which the public can set in motion by pedalling a peristaltic pump, pushing paint through the body of the creature and out onto a canvas so as to eventually produce collaborative, abstract paintings.

Mechalgorhythm not only constitutes a dialogue between the artwork and the participant but also gives rise to a human-machine hybrid, producing generative works of art. Mechalgorhythm transforms every one of its operators into a semi-automatic artist. It triggers not only their physical effort but also their mental perception, raising the questions: “Who created these paintings; was it the machine, its operator or its creator?

Okhaos Creations are a Kinetica Museum Oxygen artists member.