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Pierrick Sorin

Since 1987, Pierrick Sorin has produced a series of short “autofilmages” with a Super 8 camera and a number of visual devices in which he mocks the travesty of life with a taste of abrasive humour and self-mockery.

From 1995 onwards, inspired by the work of Georges Méliès, he started creating small-scale, pseudo-holographic “optical theaters,” blending new media with traditional diorama. Through his holographic projections, three-dimensional, haunting little figures and figurines appear, moving in space. Their immateriality makes them wonderously ungraspable. Sorin places immaterial subjects amongst real-life material objects, creating a subliminal realm of illusionary reality.

The characters of the holograms usually express the deep weariness of someone whose life seems to be filled by the accumulation of blunder, showing repetition of ridiculous and at times, perverse gestures. They seem to have escaped from a Gogolian story, such as his man with the raincoat in Titre Variable 9, who is reminiscent of the hopeless and comic character of Gogol’s The Overcoat

The surprising and seductive nature of these magical devices has lead brands in the luxury goods industry such as, Cartier, Chanel, Galeries Lafayette-Haussmann, to use his creations to accompany the launch of their new products. His work has been exhibited in numerous collections including: Cartier Foundation, Paris; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; Tate Gallery, London; Guggenheim Museum, New York and Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo.